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Mon May 1 06:01:26 EDT 2000

Hi Courtney, hi everybody

I think I understand what you mean. What I experiences sometimes is that
once I get started with a book I reread I remember all my favorite parts and
bits and want to get there as soon a possible, so tend to read "the rest"
very fast. That can result missing new insights, too. But I thought what you
wrote about "being the person again that read the books first" is very

But as I mentioned I mostly read the books I read as a child in German  in
English now. So to some extent, they are new to me again. As I never had
the chance before to read the "real" style of the author in question, I pay
attention to that, to the words that are used. Puns that were not
translateable appear. You "hear" the real "voices" of the characters and think about
them again. Thus the change of language leads to an interesting change of
perspective, which allows you to see the books with new eyes. 

(But, at least with DWJ, favorite scenes remain favorite scenes...)


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