Food in DWJ

Marcia McGinley & Greg Ingram McGinley at
Thu Mar 30 07:43:53 EST 2000

>In DWJ, however, I can remember only one instance of thoroughly delicious
>food in DWJ--when Tanamil feeds the children in Spellcoats.  Otherwise,
>food seems to be a fertile source of ick-humour (the school dinner in
>Witch Week and the endless pickled cherries in Crown of Dalemark spring to
>mind).  I wonder: what are the ingredients of a
>really comforting good-food scene?  Of enjoyable (and not purely gross)
>food humour? And am I missing anything in terms of DWJ meals?

For me it's not just the food, the setting needs to be right.  I love the
kitchen scenes in Archer's Goon with everyone climbing over the Goon's legs
and Fifi offering him "tea in a cup and a sandwich to hold in your hand."
Not sensational food but warm and funny. And I do like a nice cup of tea.


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