Oh no, how embarassing !!!

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Wed Mar 29 21:18:22 EST 2000

+ Thanks for the idea, Tanaqui.
+ I have been asking around at the office, and the general opinion seems to
+ be that it would be easiest to send a cash note in British currency. 

Certainly the cheapest, for all concerned.

+ long as the letter is sent directly to the end recipient and does not have
+ revealing decorations on the outside of the envelope (i.e. "Happy birthday
+ from Granny"), there is simply so much mail out there that it is unlikely
+ anybody will tamper with a letter containing unsuspected cash.

It is safe relayed through a trusted party, too. Speaking of which, I have
managed to generate my own ethical dilemma over Diana's address - should I
give it out so that she can receive royalties? |-)

How's about if I give you the address of Diana's agent? Or my own address? 
I will send you back Diana's thank-you note (it's extremely likely she would
write one).
+ Tanaqui, would you mind sending me (*voice hushed in awe*) The Address ?

I have some nervousness about it.

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