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Wed Mar 29 16:48:59 EST 2000

> Our pies are made of meat and gravy in pastry, and our sauce 
> is made from
> tomatoes. I think you call it ketchup. 

Sally is not telling the full story.  In parts of Australia, they do
unbelievable things to pies with peas.

Apparently, in South Australia, you can get something called a "pie floater"
which is a pie floating in pea soup.  I have been fortunate enough to never
experience this.

In Queensland if you ask for a pie with peas and hot sauce you get a pie
with the top taken off, peas that have been boiled until they are mushy
spooned onto the pie and the top replaced, and a squirt of Worcestershire

I have seen them eat this with my own eyes, and then go back for seconds...


"Peters' pies are full of flies.
Don't be nasty have a pasty."

Playground rhyme from my schooldays

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