Oh no, how embarassing !!!

Bodil Gram bodil at cutisan.dk
Tue Mar 28 04:47:23 EST 2000

Thanks for the idea, Tanaqui.

I have been asking around at the office, and the general opinion seems to
be that it would be easiest to send a cash note in British currency. As
long as the letter is sent directly to the end recipient and does not have
revealing decorations on the outside of the envelope (i.e. "Happy birthday
from Granny"), there is simply so much mail out there that it is unlikely
anybody will tamper with a letter containing unsuspected cash.

(By the way, I wonder how abysmally low your morals have to be for you to
want to snaffle a granmother's gift from a birthday letter ?)

Tanaqui, would you mind sending me (*voice hushed in awe*) The Address ?

Friendly greetings,

     *   Mrs. Bodil Gram,  Denmark                       *
     *   www:  http://coco.ihi.ku.dk/~gram/privat.html   *
     *   e-mail:  bodil at cutisan.dk                       *

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