Oh no, how embarassing !!!

Tanaqui tweaver at imbolc.ucc.ie
Sun Mar 26 10:55:29 EST 2000

+ I am so sorry I sent the list a private letter meant for Hallie alone.
+ I know you must all think I am a bit of a crook the way I have been going
+ on about photocopying small, rare, out-of-print-never-to-come-back DWJ
+ items, but I swear I am not doing it all the time: Hallie helped me with
+ some information about "Fire & Hemlock" and I wanted to do something in
+ return.

I agree with the replies posted that point out that an unavailable book is
not going to generate income for the author or publisher - if you find it
2nd-hand, even.

If you are immensely guilty, you could write a tiny cheque for Diana - at 
least two people on (& one running!) this list have her address (one of them is
me, the other -ahem- the maintainer of a rather fine DWJ site)... but given 
that you are in Denmark, this would be devotion beyond the call of duty because
non-cash currency conversion is a *bitch*.

I remember when I couldn't afford CDs and taped all of Momus' stuff from a 
friend, I sent him a cheque (he's not astonishingly famous, and was reachable 
through a fanzine) for a bit more than the pitiful royalties due on each disc.
Now I have all of his stuff on CD except for _Don't Stop the Night_ |-)  


OK, so the tenor of this message is personal, but the Out of Print issue is
a list topic... 
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