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Sat Mar 25 15:17:14 EST 2000

On 14 Mar, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Mar 2000 16:40:53 +0800, Anita Graham wrote:
>>> In message <bB=NOH6nhNG1Q7rJzvSREhzCGXf7 at>, Melissa
>>> Proffitt writes:
>>> >And I forgot to mention earlier--we eat our cheese sandwiches
>>> with condensed
>>> >tomato soup, for dipping.  Just so we're all clear on that.  :)
>>I knew I was an outsider - I don't eat tomatos either! (Although once again
>>cooked tomato product and canned soups don't have that nasty "tomato" taste,
>>just as cooked cheese products don't have that different, nasty "cheese"
>>taste. I love lasagne but won't touch raw cheese or tomato.

Same with me! Even though I sometimes eat tomatoes (esp. cherry
tomatoes) - but they certainly aren't a favorite.
> Funny, my picky eater child hates all forms of tomato EXCEPT the condensed
> tomato soup.  I think it's the cooking that does it; it does lack that
> "tomato" taste, doesn't it?  Though she still won't eat tomato ketchup.  But
> I could spend hours discussing this child's horrible eating habits; there's
> nothing more irritating than spending an hour on cooking a meal and having
> this pint-sized pixie take ONE LOOK at the food and say YUCK.  Without even
> tasting it.

Well, I used to be like that - and I'm a vegetarian who doesn't eat
cheese except grilled in some way, probably because my parents tried
to make me eat it when I was small - so don't make them, or you'll end
up with a sweets vegetarian (and I am a veggie for the reasons that I
hated German wurst and it was the easiest way to avoid it ;) You
probably don't make your children eat food anyway, I just wanted to add
another warning example!

Britta, a finicky eater if there ever was one...
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