Food Snobbery

Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Fri Mar 24 02:11:35 EST 2000

Hehe... that sounds a lot like "potato skins", an appetizer commonly sold
around here in more "upscale" burger joints that like to think they
feature "All-American" food. <snicker>  

They're what happens when you hollow out a potato so that you have the
skin with 1/4-1/18 of an inch of potato inside it and you put cheddar
cheese (sometimes with onions or scallions, of with something like chilli
powder added to the cheese to make it "zesty") on inside and toast or bake
the cheese-covered pieces until they're crispy.  Hideously horrible for
you, but I have to admit to having a soft spot for them. :)

Are your brains feeling expanded enough yet? ;)


In message <lEvaOKtWTkvb+zFmgQBjMeo9qvKz at>, Melissa Proffitt writes:
>Just another example of Weird Southern Cuisine (and related to the french
>fries/hot chips/crisps thing)...
>I went to school in Texas, which is sort of a blend of Southern (i.e.
>south-east) and Western traditions.  One of the foods the cafeteria served
>was cheese fries--fried potatoes smothered in cheese sauce.  Chili and
>jalapeno peppers were optional.  Apparently Southerners, even in Texas, will
>eat anything.
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