Food Snobbery

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Mar 23 20:08:48 EST 2000

> Oh, that reminds me, what exactly does a milk-bar serve?  I remember the
> first time I read the word, I thought it was some kind of candy bar
> (obviously I was corrected immediately by context, but I'm still not sure
> what it is).

It's a shop. It sells milk, bread, lemonade, fruit juice, packets of
biscuits, shampoo, icecreams (in a cone or prepackaged), fish and chips,
chips, packet chips, burger-rings, chocolate, sandwiches, lollies and
(growl) cigarettes.

That sort of thing. You don't do a full-scale supermarket shop there, but
you buy the odd snack or chocolate bar. Sometimes they have a couple of
tables and chairs, in which case you can have coffee or tea or a small
"sit-down" meal.


Damn it—I’m the sitting tenant in this body, he’s just a squatter!”

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