Food Snobbery

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Mar 23 05:54:24 EST 2000

> I'm still not totally clear on this one.  If you went into a store in
> Australia, would you ask for chips, cold chips or crisps?   (Just in case
> any North Americans are still unclear on this one, crisps here are potato
> chips there.)  (Here being Ireland & the UK, BTW.)

Well, you wouldn't go into a store. You'd go into a shop or a milk-bar or a
cafe or a school canteen.

If you went into a cafe, you'd sit down and order "a bowl of chips" and get
hot ones - you might ask for "chips and gravy" if you liked it.

If you went into a school canteen, you'd ask for "hot chips" and get hot
ones or for salt-and-vinegar chips or barbecue chips or chicken chips and
get cold (crunchy from a packet) ones.

In a milk-bar, you'd scruff a packet of (crunchy from packet) chips and put
it on the counter then dig out your money. Or, you'd say "I'd like a
dollar's worth of chips, please" and then you'd get hot ones.


Of course, if you ask for fish and chips or chicken and chips or a pie and
chips, you'd get hot ones... 


"gis a cuppa tea, luv, I'm spittin' chips..."
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