Food Snobbery

Courtney M Eckhardt cme at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 23 02:16:01 EST 2000

Yeah, people down there are Just Weird. :P

Seriously, not having traveled much in the South I'm a little surprised by
that... as at least in this part of the county the phrase "a cup of tea"
generally means hot, whereas "a glass of tea" would mean iced.

Hmm, now that I think about it some more, possibly it's not so odd... as
it's so hot there for so much of the year (comparatively) that iced tea is
probably the default, whereas here in the North hot tea is, particularly
in the winter.

Now I have a sudden urge to hop on the public transit and head to my
favorite tea shop (like a coffe shop, but with tea only)... even though
the public transit has shut down for the night and Tealuxe is closed! :)


>Why "hot" chips, Sally?  Is there something else which is "cold" chips?
>This reminds me of my shock at discovering that it was necessary to ask for
>"hot tea", and not merely "a cup of tea" in The South (US).   "Sweetened or
>unsweetened?" often served as a reminder until I got into the habit of it.
>hallieod at
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