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Wed Mar 22 10:22:22 EST 2000

	Melissa described the sloppy joe:

	"Sloppy joes start with ground beef mixed with a tomato-based sauce
that's more or less tangy, depending on how you make it.  I like mine with
just a hint of chili powder (and believe it or not, I do make the filling
from scratch).  You glop that onto a hamburger bun, preferably toasted
(because the sauce may soak into the bun and then it gets soggy, which is
gross). And then you eat it.  Any other regional varieties out there,

	She has captured the essential nature of the inscrutable sloppy joe.
My grandma used to put left over spaghetti sauce on toast (this was a very
thick and stew-like sauce) and call it "a poor man's sandwich."  It was
tasty.  I assumed this was a depression era thing and, maybe because of
this, I tend to associate the humble sloppy joe with that era.

	Of course (my sister probably can guess what I'm about to say), my
grandma also used to make spam and butter sandwiches and put them in our
lunch bags.  Talk about shedding the baby fat!  No one is willing to swap
for such a thing, I can tell you. 

	Nutella - Food of the Gods!
	Why are hazelnuts so delicious?

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