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Cous Cous is a whole different story. It's not pasta (there's some other 
Italian food a lot like it that's often served with pasta sauces, but I 
can't remember it's name right now), it's basically semolina but cooked so 
that the grains remain seperate and don't mush together: they stick 
together, but you can still crumble mass into seperate grains. The best cous 
cous I've ever had has always been served with a Moroccan vegetable soup.

And then there's bourgoul...

To bring this back to a discussion of literature, (though I remind you that 
this whole discussion came about because of the corn pone in Time City) the 
first Hebrew translation of "Anne of Green Gables" used incredibly archaic 
terms for all foodstuffs, which made them all sound RAW-ther exotic. When 
the book was retranslated, I remember reading at least one review that 
mentioned this and hearing at least one friend complain that the story just 
wasn't the same when you could actually understand what they were eating, 
and it didnt' sound appetizing at all.

Okay, okay! I'll tell you what bourgoul is. If you really want to know.



Bourghoul is crushed wheat, but much coarser than semolina. The grains are 
about the size of a third of a grain of rice. Yummy served Arab style mixed 
into a tomato and cucumber salad (but the veggies need to be diced into tiny 
tiny pieces, which is an artform unto itself) and chopped up mint leaves and 
parsley and/or cilantro and lots of lemon. I've even had this with tiny 
pieces of lemon rind mixed in, zesty and surprisingly good. There's probably 
a bunch of olive oil in there somewhere as well. They used to serve 
something that pretended to be this in the Harvard dining hall, but it just 
didn't cut it. But then, their idea of falafel was tasteless and had the 
texture of deep fried peanut-butter, so I wouldn't pick their version of any 
"ethnic" food.

I think Young Adult is just PC for Children's. It sounds less offensive that 
Juveniles. I may have tagged on that Young Adult myself, it's possibly 
defined differently in the catalog.

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