We just can't get away from food... (was: Re: Mordion/Tess)

McMullin, Elise emcmullin at kl.com
Tue Mar 21 10:09:00 EST 2000

	Nat said:
	"Malt-o-meal is manufactured in Northfield, MN, home of Carleton
[Blackstock] College. My fiancée says her favorite smell was jogging in the
mornings when they were making chocolate-flavored Malt-o-meal. Mmmm yum! It
was said you could tell the wind direction by whether the smell on the
breeze was Malt-o-meal, cows, turkeys or sewage."

	Yurgh!  :D
	You are evoking memories of early spring in rural Ohio, when the
farmers spread tons and tons and Tons of manure on their fields.  When the
wind came from the north, it was almost impossible to breathe.  Or I'd trot
off for a nice walk in the country only to approach the fields and be forced
back by the incredible power of the smell.

	As far as I know, the only book to mention my alma mater was Eddie
and the Cruisers, so I can't really yank this back to even mild relevance.


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