Confession of a Hominy Homeboy

Jacob Proffitt Jacob at
Mon Mar 20 14:05:46 EST 2000

On Mon, 20 Mar 2000 09:11:26 -0500, Jessie Bishop Powell wrote:

>OK --grits -- no flavor comparison here, but they're roughly the
>consistency of Cream of Wheat (if you've ever eaten that -- my mother
>fed me weird foods as a child, what can I say). In fact, depending upon
>your tastes, you'll like "real" grits or "instant" grits better. The
>"real" grits haven't been processed nearly as much and have a distinct
>flavor of corn around the edges. They also take 15-30 minutes to cook
>(only 30 when my Dad, "the slow gormet" was cooking). "Instant" grits
>have the distinct advantage of being microwaveable and available north
>of Kentucky in the United States. They only take about 5 minutes to brew
>up, but they lack the corn taste. Either way, they're good with salt and
>butter (ahhh, heart attack on a plate) and can be enjoyed with any meal
>of the day.

I *love* grits.  I put two fried eggs (runny yolk) and cheese in my grits.
It's rich, and as mentioned above, a heart attack on a plate.  Melissa says
that my taste for grits and pork rinds clearly indicates my white-trash
southern heritage.  I have a hard time arguing because we both know my
genealogy (which actually includes a family named Hicks from the Appalachian

Jacob Proffitt
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