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Jane asked about Year of the Griffin

This is a 'sequel' to/set in the same world as Dark Lord of 
There are also several reprints of earlier books in the 
pipeline (Hurrah! I just wish they'd reprint Power of Three 
as my copy is only held together by my love for it). I 
posted about this in January, but if that was before you 
joined the list I can send it again.

I just hope that none of the reprints are edited. The most 
recent reprint of Cart & Cwidder (published as part of a 
'Dalemark Quartet' when Crown of Dalemark was first 
released) had about 2 pages of background about the 
North-South divide edited out. I only bought a copy because 
my Penguin paperback is falling apart. Does anyone know if 
that reprint of Drowned Ammet was also edited?
Isn't there an 'updated' version of Ogre as well? With 
tapes/cds instead of records? Why do editors do this?

Spoilers for Year of the Griffin follow:

It's about:
Elda's adventures whilst at 'Wizard University' 

> While we're on the subject of Internet searches, can I be dull and
> repeat a question?  Does anybody know anything about the following book,
> which is listed on the US Amazon:
> 	Year of the Griffin
> 	by Diana Wynne Jones
> 	Our Price: $15.95
> 	Hardcover (October 2000)
> 	William Morrow & Company; ISBN: 0688178987
> 	This item will be published in October 2000. You may 
> 	order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.
> Sales Rank: 926,774
> All the best,
> Jane.
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