Young Adult series...

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Mon Mar 20 07:35:58 EST 2000

> But what's this about "young adult"?  When I first encountered the term,
I took
> it to mean ages 16-21 or so, but it already seemed to be moving down into
> general teen agegroup.  However this is the first time I've heard it used
> pre-teen!  (No offence to any 10-13 year olds on the list, of course)

I met that recently, Philip. My book, The Ringmaster, is meant for readers
of 9 or so. The heroine is 11. It was reviewed by a US reviewer as a "Young
Adult" title. I think some people have lost the term "children's book". 

Funny thing - some children's books are much more complex that some YA
titles. And where does DWJ sit? I'm inclined to think she's just a
writer... to be enjoyed by anyone with the will to enjoy her.

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