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Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 19 04:58:57 EST 2000

I love how off topic this list is.

Thanks for all the kind words!

While we're on the topic of being off-topic, If you've never had chicken 
pox, there's a vaccine - you should take it. (my fiancee has it now and had 
to be hospitalized for the secondary infections)

I like grilled cheese sandwiches in the states, but not in Israel, where 
cafes usually sell them as "toast". I think the problem is that they don't 
usually use sliced bread, but grill an entire roll or pita or bagel, which 
makes the bread part way too dense for my taste, and means there either 
isn't enough cheese in the sandwich for the flavor to come through, or 
there's much too much cheese period.

My most unusual favorite sandwich may be honey, mustard and cheese. I say 
may be because I've only made them three or four times, maybe I'd be sick of 
them if I ate them more frequently. would probably go well with lettuce and 
or tomatoes, unless you hate tomatoes...

I don't presently have a large "books to read" stack by my bed, but I have a 
huge one in my office to compensate, and I also have an ever-expanding wish 
list on Amazon for someday when I feel rich enough to splurge on an order. 
English language libraries and/or bookstores in Israel just don't cut it as 
far as my tastes go. The wish list is mostly expanding based on YOUR 
recommendations, I've barely read a fraction of the books that are discussed 
on this list with so much passion, and I feel both inadequate and 

And speaking of authors I had never heard about before this list but now 
know their names and hope someday to read their books: looking through the 
latest Random House Catalogue, they have a new young-adult series, each of 
the titles seems to be written by a different author - which usually I would 
take as a warning sign for a mediocre series - but the authors are all names 
I've heard recommended.

The series is called "Voyage of the Basset", recommended for 10 to 13 year 
olds, and these are the books that have come out so far:

THE RAVEN QUEEN by Terri Windling

and out in June will be


It sparked my curiousity, and I was hoping someone on this list might be 
able to furnish me with some information and/or opinions!


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