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>My dad's blindness is from retinitis pigmentosa and that's supposed to jump
>a generation, so it's likely one of my sons will have it. I would be
>interested in your opinions on the audio book dearth in children's

This may reflect the fact that children don't drive, and rarely do
housework beyond the boredom threshold.  So they don't 'need' tapes and
CDs the way adults do.  On the other hand, children do listen to
'goodnight story tapes', so the young children's market doesn't seem too

The BBC is a good source of readings and dramatizations (www.beeb.com).
_Rather_ heavily weighted to the 'classic' end (Tom's Midnight Garden,
The Hobbit, The Box of Delights, etc.) in the published list, at least,
but with the growth of webcasting, it should be possible to get to the
more marginal/newer stuff which is also broadcast.

It remains to be seen what effect the Disability Discrimination Act will
have on publishing, but it may be that 'alternative formats' will become
more common.

Best wishes to all,
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