We just can't get away from food... (was: Re: Mordion/Tess)

Nat Case hedberg at vermontel.net
Fri Mar 17 13:29:03 EST 2000

>> Nat:
>> >Makes me think of the father in Archer's Goon, somehow. Seems like the
>> sort
>> >of thing DWJ's distracted characters might do.
> Hallie:
> "Not too sure if you're implying that one would have to be
>distracted to
>> dunk your biscuits in tea.  Or if distracted here is a euphamism for
>> demented, for that matter."
> Elise 
> Maybe Nat means that Quentin would dunk his biscuits in someone
>else's tea?

Yes. exactly.

I just had this vision of Quentin, hand to forehead, contemplating Life
while absently dunking cookie after cookie (sorry, biscuit after biscuit)
into the tea. Obviously a product of a fevered imagination.

You know, this is exactly like that "I know I've read that somewhere"
feeling Polly has in Fire and Hemlock. Did you know there is really and
truly actually an anthology called "Time Out of Mind," edited by Pierre
Boulle, whose cover is of an alien weed that looks something like English
hemlock... Freaky thought for the day.

I'll have a glass of creema di leema now, and the same for my friend here.

Nat Case
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