Magicians and Ammet discussion on r.a.b.c

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Mar 17 07:09:50 EST 2000

>Deja's option to have posts mailed to you is almost completely useless.  It
>was at least four days behind what was posted when I last tried to use it.
>If you sign up as a member of you can subscribe to newsgroups and
>read and post to them on the web.  I use this and I have been signed up for
>ages, and it was so long ago I can't remember what you have to do!  Plus I
>have no web access at work to remind me...

Thanks.  I had actually signed up as a member, just for the purpose of
reading r.a.b.c.  It's so slow and cumbersome to read on-line there, and as
we pay for local phone calls in Ireland, I was hoping for some place I
could at least find the original usenet format (Is that right?  I mean like
AlexLit's discussion group.)  The Magicians of Caprona discussion was very
interesting, but took over half an hour to read 15 messages, and at one
stage everything was so confused that I thought Paul was the one saying
that all DWJ books through Dark Lord were only so-so and thinking Deep
Secret was after Dark Lord!  (Sorry, Paul, I should have known better - and
loved your Italy and England comment, BTW!)

>Unless any techos out there on the list have better suggestions?

If so, the suggestions will need to be explained  Very.Very.Simply.  Which
will still probably not be enough.

hallieod at

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