We just can't get away from food... (was: Re: Mordion/Tess)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Mar 16 07:24:43 EST 2000

Elise (after the Kool-aid and popcorn, about which I will say Nothing At All):

>        "I tried to find a reference to dunking biscuits in tea in F & H
>> cookies, in US), as I've done that all my life, so I'd have been firmly
>> back on the side of Right, but no luck."
>        Not even at the beginning when Polly returns to her gran's from
>Laurel's house and they have tea?

That was the first place I checked, and sadly, the answer is no.  FWIW,
when Nina and Polly are at Gran's, they have milk and biscuits.  Then when
Polly comes back from the funeral that same day, she has her dinner -
cottage pie and mint-chocolate ice cream.

In the end when Polly has "fetched it out", Gran makes a large pot of tea
and brings out the best biscuits, but no reference is made to the question
of how the biccies are actually eaten.  Or none that I could find anyway.
Any other suggestions on where to look?

I'm starting to feel like Lady Schrapnell ("To Say Nothing of the Dog",
Connie Willis), with her constant cry of "God is in the details!

hallieod at indigo.ie

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