Are Mixed and Worlds the same book ?

Jane Skinner jane.skinner at
Wed Mar 15 13:22:59 EST 2000

Bodil Gram wrote:
> The British version of has two new DWJs listed for 
> publication in May: a paperback called "The Worlds of 
> Chrestomanci" and a hardback called "Mixed Magics", both from 
> HarperCollins. 
> The first book, "Worlds", has long been described as an 
> anthology of 4 short stories set in the same universe(s) as 
> the Chrestomanci books, 3 of which have been published before. 
> Today I took another peek at "Mixed" and found the exact same 
> description as the one under "Worlds" placed there as well. 
> Does anyone know if this is a mistake, or whether it is part 
> of some clever ploy to lure us into buying both PB and HC 
> versions of the same book ? 

Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question.  I was wondering if one
of the titles was the American version (having once thought "Believing
is Seeing" was a new book, until I found out it was the US title of
"Minor Arcana"), but hasn't heard of *either* title.  Could
HarperCollins have changed the title, and Amazon not updated?

I did find another new book listed on, "Year of the Griffin",
to be published in October.  No details were given.  Does anybody know
anything about this one?

Also, searching for DWJ on the Internet Bookshop
( -- quicker and more concise than Amazon), I
found that some of her books will be republished at the end of May by
the OUP, as part of the Oxford Children's Modern Classics series.

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