Are Mixed and Worlds the same book ?

Bodil Gram bodil at
Wed Mar 15 10:39:08 EST 2000

The British version of has two new DWJs listed for publication
in May: a paperback called "The Worlds of Chrestomanci" and a hardback
called "Mixed Magics", both from HarperCollins.

The first book, "Worlds", has long been described as an anthology of 4
short stories set in the same universe(s) as the Chrestomanci books, 3 of
which have been published before.  Today I took another peek at "Mixed" and
found the exact same description as the one under "Worlds" placed there as

Does anyone know if this is a mistake, or whether it is part of some clever
ploy to lure us into buying both PB and HC versions of the same book ?

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