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Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Mar 14 16:24:00 EST 2000

Devra wrote:
>Betsy-Tacy:  Although I'd read all of the major series as a child, and really
>loved Emily of Deep Valley, it was only last week that a co-worker in my
>library (Brooklyn) lent me her precious (rescued from a library in Nowhere's
>book sale) copy of Carney's House Party.  Great!  Isn't it amazing the
>vocabularies they assumed high school students would have back in the Dakr

I'm pretty sure that Emily and Carney's House Party are going to be
re-published in 2001?   (I also think there should be at least one person
lurking here who could answer that question definitively, if our strange
food obsessions haven't driven you away!).  I've never managed to get hold
of any of the OOP books, so am really hoping for re-prints.

>Re Elizabeth Goudge:  I kind of think the concept that we're searching for
>here is Sensitivity.

It's certainly a concept stressed in Towers in the Mist, and Gentian Hill
as well, IIRC.  Joyeuce in Towers is the character who is super-sensitive
to the sufferings of others, and therefore doesn't like watching hangings,
or bear-baitings, or eating lark.  Her father is the same, and there's a
lovely scene where he tries to scold Joyeuce, and keeps getting stuck, and
she tells him what to say, and then he worries that he's said too much and
hurt her.  Most of the other (fictitious) characters are the more regular,
fun-loving Elizabethan types.

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