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Tue Mar 14 15:08:20 EST 2000

Janice, I'd like to try reading Power of Three  on tape for you, though I've 
never done this before, and will need to get a small taper.  Hower, assuming 
that I actually do it, where would I send the tape?  Snail address is 
requested, please.

Betsy-Tacy:  Although I'd read all of the major series as a child, and really 
loved Emily of Deep Valley, it was only last week that a co-worker in my 
library (Brooklyn) lent me her precious (rescued from a library in Nowhere's 
book sale) copy of Carney's House Party.  Great!  Isn't it amazing the 
vocabularies they assumed high school students would have back in the Dakr 

Re Elizabeth Goudge:  I kind of think the concept that we're searching for 
here is Sensitivity.  When Henrietta has her teeth cleaned, she suffers 
enormously, while her brother (the bluff, hearty type) just keeps asking 
questions about how the drill works, and generally has a riotous time.  It's 
the "Suffer for ART" bit.  Although I did love her books, especially the one 
where the Elliott family buys an inn (Herb of Grace?) and discovers a fresco 
on the wall of the storeroom...

By the way, they've reprinted several Georgette Heyers recently...

Devra Langsam
devra at aol.com
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