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>> In message <bB=NOH6nhNG1Q7rJzvSREhzCGXf7 at>, Melissa
>> Proffitt writes:
>> >And I forgot to mention earlier--we eat our cheese sandwiches
>> with condensed
>> >tomato soup, for dipping.  Just so we're all clear on that.  :)

What an excellent idea!  Soup hot or cold?  I don't much like cold toasted

> I knew I was an outsider - I don't eat tomatos either! (Although once again
> cooked tomato product and canned soups don't have that nasty "tomato" taste,
> just as cooked cheese products don't have that different, nasty "cheese"
> taste. I love lasagne but won't touch raw cheese or tomato.

At last, another like me.  I do like most cheeses straight if I like them
cooked, but I totally agree about the tomatoes.  I like ketchup, tomato soup,
tomato puree in pizzas, etc. but not tomatoes.  Similarly coffee.  I like coffee
cake, coffee ice cream, coffee fudge, but I don't drink the stuff...

>> Hmm... does handmade bread count?  I mean handmade, not with a
>> breadmachine (athough we have one of those too...).  Being unemployed and
>> therefore having spare time, I decided to try the easy-looking recipe on
>> the back of the flour bag... we'll see how it comes out.

What's a bread machine?  My Papa makes bread with a dough-hook attachment to his
food mixer, and this is delicious, especially straight out of the oven.

>> And if that doesn't count... I make lots of other things by hand that most
>> people (probably) don't... how about hot fudge sauce? :)

Time to share my spaghetti bolognese recipes.

1) Poor man's bolognese:  One tin spaghetti in tomato sauce, one tin corned
beef. ;-)

2) I can buy at my supermarket a packet called "Authentic Spaghetti Bolognese
Mixture".  The instructions are to add the contents to 1lb minced beef, one tin
of tomatoes and one large onion.

But where does the making by hand come in?  I looked at the minced beef at the
meat counter in the supermarket, and thought "yuck".  So I bought a pound of
steak and minced it, using a wind-the-handle mincer I bought in a junk shop
years ago.  This is now my normal way of making bolognese sauce, which I eat
about once a week in various forms.

> yUM. i Made (oops caps lock key on) a yummy chocolate sauce on the weekend.
> Melted dark toblerone with butter and cream added. From a delicious book by

Ah, someone else who likes dark Toblerone too.  See, you're not really an
outsider, Anita!


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