Anita Graham amgraham at
Mon Mar 13 09:22:26 EST 2000

At 9:33 AM +0100 13/3/0, Hallie O'Donovan wrote:
>> I would add that I still haven't read Tess yet,
>>but there is now a copy in the pile of 28 unread books beside my bed...
>Another Thought:  As grilled cheese sandwiches seem to have become the
>Official Food of the List, is the pile of books beside the bed the Sign of
>list members?  The books don't have to be unread, actually, but can also be
>there for rereading, or just having been read.  The pile does have to be
>beside the bed, though, unless there are good extenuating circumstances.
>Hallie ( 27 beside my bed)
>hallieod at

I have a bookshelf beside my bed (and my husband has another on his side), plus there's a stack on the floor. The tbr pile isn't large at the moment because they are all in a box near the real bookshelves waiting to be carried downstairs to be catalogued. But when they all go back up - well the bedside pile will grow and grow.

The bedside pile of books may be a Sign of List Members - but I think it would be the sign of members of several other lists too! I can only just eat grilled cheese sandwiches - I hate cheese really - but if its what I have to do to belong, then I'll try it.


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