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Mon Mar 13 06:51:05 EST 2000

Greetings and salutations from behind an essay pile!

1)  (Belated, if still vastly well-meaning) congratulations, Gili, for all
the fine developments!

2)  Welcome Janice and Pavi!  (Irrelevantly: though I never read Terry
Goodkind, I think Gollum a ssssplendid character, yess preciouss.  I just
had the excellent fortune to write an essay on him.)

3)  Hallie wrote:

> It's a few years since I've read the Railway Children, but I would have
> thought that I remembered Peter as having been quite a sympathetic
> character.  Yes, Bobbie's the favourite, and that's pretty clear, but was
> it really as bad as tiresome, greedy and somewhat stupid?  Is this one of
> those things that everyone who knows anything about children's lit. knows
> about E. Nesbit???

I just read The Railway Children the day before (my first E. Nesbit book,
I blush to admit) and thought it charming.  And I didn't think Peter was
too unsympathetic--true, he's not as kind-hearted as Bobbie, but I did
think him nevertheless a plucky and appealing little chap.

4)  Many thanks Hallie, Melissa and Philip about the very nifty stuff
about Mordion--I admit he's one of my favourite DWJ characters, and I
had never even thought about his dimension as a Suffering Servant.


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