Ella enchanted: was, Re: Mordion/Tess

Sally Odgers sodgers at hotnet.net.au
Sun Mar 12 20:42:19 EST 2000

> always lies, and the one question to find out which is which.  I couldn't
> see any holes in your logic, FWIW.  Although of course it's much more
> satisfying having her break the enchantment herself!
> Did you like the book?

Yes, Hallie, I did enjoy it. I liked the fact that Ella knew the prince
well before the ball scenes... I also liked the tone. The only problems I
had (apart from the one I mentioned) were that tomatoes were thrown... and
if this is quasi-England or Europe I doubt if they'd have had them and that
I kept trying to make sense of the different languages.... like codes, sort


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