Elizabeth Goudge

Tony Fox tonyfox at beeb.net
Sun Mar 12 03:16:23 EST 2000

Dear all

I am really enjoying the comments about Elizabeth Goudge. You're making me
think about what I really value in her books. Firstly this author writes
about a world where the moral and spiritual world is a deep part of life.
The outer life is often very ordinary but the internal struggles for growth
are titanic. The word I have in mind is . These people work on their souls
and believe that this is theirduty and their privilege. For mere mortals the
scene in the Little Women film where Jo indicates that such expectations
can be a little wearing come to mind but it is a change to be working on the
micro level in some books. I read a lot of science fiction/fanatsy where the
canvas is very broad and often the story not very deep. I like those too.

I also love the sense of place. EG's characters seem to have less layers of
skin between themselves and their physical world than normal so that every
nuance is appreciated. EG has the gift of describing moments and places. For
instance the silver seagulls in Castle on the Hill.

BTW I have read Teery Goodkind - first book was great but they have become
progressively more muddled and I have stopped reading.


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