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Sat Mar 11 08:27:56 EST 2000

At 9:15 PM +0000 10/3/0, Tony Fox wrote:
>Dear all
>first post after much lurking. Hi yall.
>I am a longtime EG fan. They are not real life but they try to tell some
>kind of truth
>btw the Oxford book si Towers in the Mist and least sweet is probably The
>White Witch

I'd have to agree with Tony - that they try to tell some kind of truth - rather than with Camilla "The rest I've tried are pretty much dreck".  There are some things I eventually came to dislike in the Damerosehay stories but the joy of the children, the struggles of the adults, while idealised, bring pleasure, and sometimes strength.

Henrietta's House and The Little White Horse are fairy tales or fables. The other stories about Henrietta have a certain charm of their own. 

I wouldn't dismiss any of them as worthless - though not a fashionable type of book these days they are still good to read.


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