Janice Oliveira jeo13 at
Fri Mar 10 08:44:24 EST 2000

>	Which ones have you yet to read?  Because my first thought is that I
>would *love* to make a recording or recordings for you - it would be fun and
>rewarding all around.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who perks up at the
>thought of this!

Thanks, Elise!  I'd really appreciate it if you wanted to do it.  Hmmm, the
ones that I have been able to find are:

The Lives of Christopher Chant
Charmed Life
Witch Week
Howl's Moving Castle
Castle in the Air
Archer's Goon
Fire and Hemlock
Dark Lord of Derkholm (the talking book (cassette tape) library just got
that one in, so I'm having them send it as soon as there's a copy
available.  Yes!  <grin>)

Thanks again, and thanks for the welcome!  Bye for now, and have a great day!

Janice and Pavi
"Though your promise count for nothing, you must keep it
nonetheless."--Leonard Cohen
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