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Fri Mar 10 07:58:42 EST 2000

> Some time ago, when we had the Tess of the d'Urbervilles thread, Philip
> commented that having read all the posts about Tess, he thought that most
> of what had been said applied to Mordion as well.  I found this

So far, absolutely accurate.  I would add that I still haven't read Tess yet,
but there is now a copy in the pile of 28 unread books beside my bed...

> Next, I think Melissa said that Tess had "given" her sister to Angel in an
> attempt to take care of her, and there's a similarity with Mordion in his
> attempts to take care of the other children being trained.  (I'm least sure
> of that one though.)

Interesting, and something I didn't spot.

> Possibly, the comment that Hardy really loved Tess, and it makes her
> suffering all the harder to read, would also correspond.  IMO, Mordion's
> suffering (and the evil of Reigner One), is worse than anything in other
> DWJ books, including the "adult books".

Yes, that's true.  I hadn't thought of this before, but Reigner 1 must be DWJ's
most evil character ever (with Marceny a close second).

> And finally, the one Jesus-image Melissa accepted in the book, was of Tess
> - in that everything she suffered was not her fault.  That certainly
> relates to Mordion also.  Hence the "suffering servant" line seeming so
> relevant.  This would only seem to relate to that one aspect of
> Tess/Mordion, for me at least, so I'm certainly not suggesting that Mordion
> is a Jesus-figure throughout, any more than Tess is.

I hadn't spotted Melissa's reference to a Christ-image in Tess.  I certainly
hadn't connected any of the Christian imagery I found in Hexwood with Tess at

I would disagree about the connection here, in fact.  Mordion (and presumably
Tess) are acted upon, and caused to suffer.  Jesus acts to take the suffering on
himself.  (This is one reason I don't like the view of Christ, popular among
some Christians, as a sort of super-scapegoat).

> her, and possibly I'll end up with some true understanding of all this! :-)
> At long last.

And perhaps we will end up with some true understanding as well.  (One can
always hope!) ;-)


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