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Thu Mar 9 16:10:30 EST 2000

JOdel at aol.com wrote:

>One of my best friends was an enthusiastic fan of Elizabeth Gouge's juviniles
>when I first met her (probably still is, but we haven't thought of anything
>to say on the subject in some 15 years). I went ahead and read as many of
>them as could still be found in the library at the time (some 6 or 7 I

I hadn't realized she'd written that many children's books, actually.  The
few adult/young adult books I read weren't fantasy, but if they lacked
"magic", they certainly made up for it in wild coincidence, which would
require quite a suspension of disbelief.  Towers in the Mist was my
favourite, and that's YA, and is historical, and lavishly infused with
history lessons, and Elizabethan personalities and life in Oxford.

I think there may be an element of predestination in the books I've read,
which could be rather off-putting.   Maybe combined with a sort of Noblesse
Oblige attitude?  Would make some sense with what you said about the 1930s
though.  I think Towers in the Mist was written later, but I'm not sure.
(Our copy has probably disappeared into Becca's room, something all books
tend to do in this house.)  I asked Becca for her considered opinion on
Towers in the Mist this morning, and she came up with "It's a big soap
opera.  I really liked it."  Hmmm...  Pretty good actually.

And then Camilla delurked!   That Elizabethan one is Towers in the Mist.
I will keep an eye out for The Valley of Song - one I'd never even heard
of, much less seen.

hallieod at indigo.ie

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