Janice Oliveira jeo13 at
Thu Mar 9 13:31:40 EST 2000

Hi everyone,
	I've been lurking around on the list, so I thought I'd at least introduce
myself.  :-)  I'm from Long Island, New York, U.s. but am at college in
upstate New York right now, studying animal science.  I'm blind and have a
guide dog named Pavarotti--a little black lab.
	I've loved all of DWJ's books that I've been able to read (unfortunately
there's a limited number of them available here in braille or on cassette)
and am rereading them (for about the twentieth time <grin>) in between
classwork.  I'm also into science fiction and fantasy in general, as well
as detective and anything related to animals.
	Well, bye for now; have a great day!

Janice and Pavi
"Though your promise count for nothing, you must keep it
nonetheless."--Leonard Cohen
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