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> What is a liberal arts degree anyway?  I was confused by what was going on
> in _Tam Lin_ where they had to do compulsory units in Physics and do some
> sort of sport when they were doing an arts degree.  And if it was a
> Arts College, why was there someone there studying medicine and not an

I think the main difference is that when you apply for a degree here in
Australia you already specify what field you want to study, as in you apply
for a Bachelor of Science at a university, rather than applying to go to a
university and then taking a Major. Australian degrees have more in depth
majors in each degree, for instance you do an Information Technology Degree
(Computer science) and then major in Networks or whatever, rather than
applying for a university and then majoring in Computer Science.

As a consequence we don't have the generic first year, or requisite subjects
that cover the breadth of the study fields. There are reasons for them
though. I believe it's to give you a more rounded education as well as help
you decide what field you want to study, which here I think they try (?) to
do in High School.

The only real correlation I have ever seen is the Engineering Faculties at
some universities, where all the engineers have a common first year and then
split into Civil, Electrical and so on.

But I think Liberal Arts is what we classify as a normal Arts Degree.


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