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Wed Mar 8 12:20:30 EST 2000

	Nat said:
	"On the other hand, they lack specific skills training, leaving
> and many of my classmates adrift for a few years as we "found ourselves."
> Lots of smart people clerking at department stores or running copy center
> machines..."
	heh, heh heh heh.  Pardon me, must go copy some documents ;)
	Hear hear though, it was great.  And I agree about the wonderful
hogwash too.  It was merry and kooky and seemed to end up endowing me with a
taste for ideas, and a resistance to hogwash, which has got to be the most
enjoyable and useful of all things I took away with me: the thrill and
can-do feeling of wading through complex things and getting down to the
essentials and how it all works.  Fun! 

	But that's why I thought the faery at a liberal arts college worked
for me.  It's oddly removed in focus, style and concerns from the flow of
life around it. People are studying and investigating all sorts of things,
who knows what, in the name of broadening their horizons - getting
passionate about things which have nothing to do about anything, for the
most part, but which generally throw open the doors of the mind.  I think
university and undergrad years in general have that same flavor too, but I
do think a university is more integrated into the community, more a focal
point with movies, cultural offerings, adult education, students working in
local businesses.

	Kylie asked:
	"And if it was a Liberal Arts College, why was there someone there
studying medicine and not an art?"

	At larger schools in the states, they have majors like pre-med and
pre-law for undergraduates, but at a liberal arts college they would hate to
have majors like that (well, at least mine) because it would smack of narrow
specialization and career training from the first - which doesn't fit in
with the whole broad grounding as a citizen and a human that is their
mission statement.

	But that doesn't mean the students aren't fully intending to go to
law, medical or business school.  My sister (hiya) once was telling me that
students who were pre-med in fact, if not in title, heard that medical
schools liked to see people having majored in something else - for rounding
out, though having all the med school prerequisites.  So this set off a mad
rush to grab majors having nothing to do with med school pre-reqs -- but of
course it was all still for the sake of achieving the One Goal.  Dedication,
perseverence, total focus - qualities I'd like to see in any doctor of mine!

	I was awed and amazed when I went to the U.K. and discovered people
just arrived in university were doing law or medicine.  I was definitely not
so organized at that age.

	Congratulations to Gili on all your wonderful developments!

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