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Thought the rest of you might find this interesting.

Why did these things never happen to me when I was eight???


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Sounds cool.  HMC is one of her best books, though my personal favourites
are "The Homeward Bounders", "Power of Three" and "Witch Week".  Been a
while since I read any though.

You know, when I was eight, I actually met Diana Wynne Jones and discussed
LotR with her.  Her husband was a colleague of my dad's while he was on
sabbatical at Bristol University.  Anyway, they invited us round to their
rather nice house a couple of times and had high tea with us.  I recall
her as a rather tall woman (although that might just be 'cause I was
short) who wore a lot of makeup and flouncy, silky clothes.  We argued
over whether LotR was boring (I said it wasn't, she said it was).

Anyway, she offered me an autographed copy of "Charmed Life" which I was
rude enough to turn down, saying 'it wasn't my type of thing'!  Later on
in primary school I became a hardcore DWJ fan and regretted my refusal.

Just one of those anecdotes,


On Tue, 7 Mar 2000, David Cake wrote:

> >ANIME NEWS. _Diana Wynne Jones_ is gobsmacked at being offered vast-
> >seeming piles of yen (not to mention soft toys called Totoro) by famous
> >Hayao Miyazaki, for film rights to _Howl's Moving Castle_. [CB]
> 	Interesting news for both unisfas anime fans and the DWJ/childrens
> literature crowd. I'm looking forward to it already.
> 	(Yes, I know this is old news to some of you)
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