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In Australia university is generally called "uni".  If you don't go to uni
you might go to a college of Technical and Further Education - TAFE.  It
used to be that people only went to TAFE to learn a trade, but now they seem
to offer general courses as well.  There used to be other kinds of tertiary
education around like teacher's colleges and institutes of technology, all
the ones I can think of have been turned into universities.

When I was at uni "college" meant the halls of residence at the university
where a lot of the country students lived.

"Going to school" only means going to high school or primary school.  There
are seven years of primary school, three compulsorary years of high school
and two years of non-compulsory high school.

There is no special term for doing graduate work at uni.  You are either
doing a Masters or a PhD.

What is a liberal arts degree anyway?  I was confused by what was going on
in _Tam Lin_ where they had to do compulsory units in Physics and do some
sort of sport when they were doing an arts degree.  And if it was a Liberal
Arts College, why was there someone there studying medicine and not an art?

When I was at uni the hippie-type students who believed in Causes and
organised rallies were outnumbered by the ones who just wanted to drink lots
of alcohol and have a good time, and possibly get a degree at the end of it.
Seven years after I finished my degree I still have friends I started with
who got so distracted by the partying that they are still trying to get a

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