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>The Little White Horse, by Elizabeth
>Goudge.  What do people think about her?

One of my best friends was an enthusiastic fan of Elizabeth Gouge's juviniles 
when I first met her (probably still is, but we haven't thought of anything 
to say on the subject in some 15 years). I went ahead and read as many of 
them as could still be found in the library at the time (some 6 or 7 I 
think). Well, they WERE fantasy. But just as I couldn't work up any 
appreciation for the "all you need is love" philosophy my contemporaries were 
attempting to push into the mainstream of western civ. I couldn't swallow the 
sweetness and light of the west country as presented by Gouge.  I found the 
books icky, sticky sweet, in fact and while a couple of them had enough story 
to be worth re-reading I never could suspend my disbelief quite far enough, 
and the villians were allapingly predictable. I gather that the books are 
extrordinarily strong representations of what was considered appropriate 
thinking and goals for well-socalized little girls in the 1930s, however. 
(Dorie's favorite was The Valey of Song.)
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