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Tanaqui tweaver at
Tue Mar 7 13:51:14 EST 2000

I beg the indulgence of the list in trying to find a short story featuring
Andy Spandy Sugardy Candy and a fairy skipping rope he gave to a little girl.
It's a modern fairy tale, because once the Maiden has grown out of her mint and
some other flavour-handled skipping rope, passed through Mother phase and ended
up the Crone, she saves her rustic home town/village from developers with a 
skipping contest. Now she's old and shrunken, she can use the fairy rope again
and the story ends with a note to the effect that she's probably still skipping
so that the first foundation stone of the nasty development can't be laid.

Anyone? I thought it might be Nesbit or Uttley, but cannot find it and it's
been hovering around at the back of my mind generating poetic resonance...

That one, and another unfindable modern about a boy who decides to fix his
torch by trapping the moon inside it. Unfortunately, it's only fully bright
a few days in every month... until he frees the moon, who directs him to a
pond where he cuts out a piece of the reflected glory of the full moon to
fill the torch. 

Tanaqui (the rest of the poem is less Mythic, although there's a touch
         of the Lyke-Wake Dirge in one verse) 

Like the faery rope which, twirling through the years
Brought back the child to the old woman skipping for a future
Sweetness either end spun threads of sure experience between

Or the hope born to the boy who, 
                        loosing the phased moon he'd trapped within his torch
Held always then its full reflection to use against the dark
Loss of liberty scythes slices from the heart

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