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Tue Mar 7 13:43:40 EST 2000

On Tue, 7 Mar 2000 12:53:55 -0500, alexandra.bolintineanu at utoronto.ca wrote:

>Britta wrote:
>"Is that only so with liberal arts colleges? I always wondered whether it
>was only German students
>that are "left", "alternative" or whatever you may call it - not only in
>dress, but also in causes:
>war in Kosovo, the environment, homosexuals (there's a student group /
>department of the student
>government body for "lesbians and other women" - I almost feel
>discriminated against beacuse I'm only
>"other"... ;). The people whose opinions I notice most are sometimes even
>too left for me (and I'm left on principle...)"
><Grin>  Remarkably enough, the above succinctly describes the political
>atmosphere at the University of Toronto... 
>(In Canada, unlike I think in
>the US but I might be wrong, you go from high school straight to
>university--college is an altogether different sort of beast.) 

Most universities in the US have colleges within them--like, I went to
Brigham Young University, and I graduated from their College of Humanities.
It's like subdivisions of learning.  Only we say we're "going to college"
whether we're going to Harvard or the local School of Massage Therapy.

And BYU is about as conservative as they come.  Even our leftist
demonstrations were conservative.  Oddly, the people who wore the hippie
clothes and all that were mostly in the honors program and taking liberal
arts degrees.  I'm not sure what that means, that the self-defined
intellectuals were also the self-defined leftists.  It certainly made our
Honors program more interesting.  :)

(We had monthly Honors "rallies" or something, I can't remember what they
were called, but one of them had our Honors deans wearing layers of T-shirts
with Latin versions of famous quotes.  If you could guess the quote, you got
the shirt.  Mine said "Re vera, cara mea, mea nil refert."  The translation
is left as an exercise for the reader.)

Melissa Proffitt
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