Griffins ({Strange| Awkward|The Trouble With}Magic) & Goudge

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Tue Mar 7 03:52:43 EST 2000

>>>That is exactly the book I was trying to remember in my rather cryptic
>>>message.  For some reason, the name of Elizabeth Beresford is still connected
>>>with it in my mind.
>> Yes, that's _Strange Magic_ by E. Beresford.
>> What originally started as a quick walk down to the village for food for
>> lunch (cheese, of course!), turned into a quick walk, the purchase of the
>> cheese, a visit to the bookshop, the purchase of two (second-hand) books,
>> and a quick visit to the library.  There, the name Beresford escaped me,
>> but the book happened to be on display on top of the shelf, with a very
>> noticable (if rather ugly) picture of a griffin on the front.  Isn't
>> serendipity a wonderful thing?
>Well done, Hallie!

Thank you for that completely undeserved "well done".  Although if you
award well dones for the inability to avoid book shops and libraries, maybe
it was deserved after all!

One of the two books purchased was The Little White Horse, by Elizabeth
Goudge.  What do people think about her?  I've read a few of her books, and
have liked them, even on re-reads, but could as easily see finding her
style/views intensely annoying.  Anyone love or loathe her?

And Philip, your parents sound great! Any chance of getting them on the list?:-)

hallieod at

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