Tam Lin (Dean)

Nat Case hedberg at vermontel.net
Mon Mar 6 13:47:09 EST 2000

The one thing I find disconcerting about Dean's literate teens (in TAM LIN
and in JUNIPER GENTIAN AND ROSEMARY) is that they are so adult. Not in their
spending their whole lives as a sort of walking Bartlett's Quotations... I
certainly knew enough people in college who were like that. But the quoting
is all so RIGHT somehow, and I think one of the great things about being a
teenager or college student is the mix of good solid stuff with the most
wonderful hogwash. And then finding out its hogwash. Like the difference
between reading Robert Anton Wilson in college or high school and reading it
fifteen years later... still interesting, valuable, even mind-blowing, but
Consensual Reality is much more solid later, so the implications are
somewhat different. 

You know what Tam Lin reminds me of now? Those dreams I sometimes still have
of being back at college because I never really finished senior year [in
real life I graduated just fine] and so I have to do one more term of
school, which is a really pretty neat, except I have to live in a dorm and I
haven't lived in a dorm in a very long time and the prospect is a little
weird, and I'm in class with people who act like I'm twice their age even
though _I_ don't feel that way, and it's all a little weird. Like that.

Nat Case
Hedberg Maps, Inc.

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