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Britta Koch bkoch at rz.uni-osnabrueck.de
Mon Mar 6 11:02:42 EST 2000

>	And JOdel answered.  Speaking as someone who was at a small liberal
>arts college in the American midwest in the early 90's....it might as well
>have been the early 70's.  Really.  Patchouli, torn jeans, long hair for all
>(except the punkers and conservatives), nose rings (hadn't gotten creative
>about all that yet), as well as a certain amount of bare feet and jingly
>ankle bracelets, print skirts with little shiny mirrors in them.  That sort
>of thing.  Even a devoted Deadhead contingent.  No macrame that I recall. My
>first year roommate used to play James Taylor's Greatest Hits on
>auto-reverse All Night Long (the horror! the horror!). 

Is that only so with liberal arts colleges? I always wondered whether it was only German students
that are "left", "alternative" or whatever you may call it - not only in dress, but also in causes:
war in Kosovo, the environment, homosexuals (there's a student group / department of the student
government body for "lesbians and other women" - I almost feel discriminated against beacuse I'm only
"other"... ;). The people whose opinions I notice most are sometimes even too left for me (and I'm left on
principle...) It only happens that much at university, though - colleges are too confined in their timetables etc.,
 I think.

Britta, who's not a politically active student, but likes to watch them ;)

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