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Mon Mar 6 10:12:12 EST 2000

	Sally asked:

	"What I'd like to know is if anyone who has read it has a setting
date for it? It was pubbed in the early '90s, but everything seems too early
for that. It seems to me to be mid-late 70s or even earlier. Mind you, I'm
going on names, hairstyles and clothes, and I'm way out of my natural
environment in a US college..."

	And JOdel answered.  Speaking as someone who was at a small liberal
arts college in the American midwest in the early 90's....it might as well
have been the early 70's.  Really.  Patchouli, torn jeans, long hair for all
(except the punkers and conservatives), nose rings (hadn't gotten creative
about all that yet), as well as a certain amount of bare feet and jingly
ankle bracelets, print skirts with little shiny mirrors in them.  That sort
of thing.  Even a devoted Deadhead contingent.  No macrame that I recall. My
first year roommate used to play James Taylor's Greatest Hits on
auto-reverse All Night Long (the horror! the horror!). 

	Must be a pocket universe.  Then everyone leaves, shaves and buys a
suit.  Well, maybe not everyone  :)

	I really liked how accurately Dean described that fishbowl
atmosphere.  She captured the flavor of it very well.

	Plus ca change....

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