Gili Bar-Hillel abhillel at
Mon Mar 6 08:30:05 EST 2000

Hello all!

I've been out of the circuit for a while, and I still have about a 
monthsworth backlog of posts to read... But I miss the DWJ list and wanted 
to post again!

In the past month I've changed jobs, accepted a marriage proposal from my 
boyfriend, and had to deal with the major rennovation project in my 
apartment which involved ripping up the entire floor and resetting it, so 
life has been hectic but good. The new job came out of the blue and sounded 
so good as an offer I was afraid to breathe a word about it in advance so as 
not to jinx it: I am now working for a major Israeli publishing house (not 
the same publishers who hired me to translate the Harry Potter books) as, 
among other duties, editor of translated children's books. It's piles of 
work and some frustrations, but I think ultimately once things settle down 
this could be the ideal job for me!

One of the books that slipped into the piles and piles and piles of books I 
sorted in my first two weeks on the job was an advance copy of a new book by 
Robin McKinley, "Spindle's End", a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. This is 
scheduled for release in May. I HIGHLY recommend this book, I LOVED it.

I hope to have the time to catch up with all of you soon...

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