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<< I really liked the first two books, and I thought the final two

were not nearly as good, particularly the final one. >>

I'll admit that that was a difficult transition. The chief problem was the 
one of the shifting viewpoint. All of the previous books had been firmly told 
from Alanna's pov. But the last sequence of the final book was told in 
shifting viewpoints, and tere was no real way around this. The length of the 
book was also awkward. The quest for the Dominion Gem was clearly a separate 
adventure, told from Alanna's pov, and would have made a perfectly acceptable 
separate book. Unfortunately, the story of the coronation plot could only be 
told by separate viewpoints and could not readily be expanded to full 
book-length without a lot of obvious padding. So it got slammed onto the back 
end of the Dominion Gem adventure (which I think was somewhat cut in length 
to compensate) and the two parts don't match. What we've got here is a book-an
d-a-half length chimera. I'm not sure how else she could have handled it.
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