[Re: Any Tamora Pierce fans?]

Sarah Imholt Arahsae at netscape.net
Thu Mar 2 14:06:06 EST 2000

Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at Proffitt.com> wrote:

>My experience was that the books went downhill from the first Alanna >book,
>which is to say that whatever appealed to me about the first book started
>disappearing gradually from the series.  So I liked the Alanna books, but
>the first volume of the next series (_Wild Magic_) was just awful.

Really?  I had the opposite experience-really hated the Alanna books, but I
kinda liked The Immortals Quartet (which starts with Wild Magic).  Don't think
I even finished the first Alanna book.  I have read the Circle of Magic books,
and they were all right, but nothing special.  I doubt I would read them
again, as they seem suited to a younger crowd.  


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